Google Penalty Audit

Has your website experienced a drop in organic traffic? It could be because of a Google penalty. Our team of search engine optimization experts can audit your website and back link profile to determine whether or not you’ve been hit with an algorithmic or manual penalty from Google by running a Google penalty audit on your website. If a penalty has been discovered we also provide a road map to recovery. Manual penalties can sometimes be remedied in as little as two weeks. Algorithmic penalties may take longer and we will need to discuss options.

  • A Google Penguin Algorithm Penalty
  • A Google Panda Algorithm Penalty
  • Manual Action Penalty From Google
  • Website Crawl Issues
  • Negative SEO Attack By A Rival

  • Robots.txt Issues
  • Xml Site Map Issues
  • Ip Blocks
  • On Page Optimization Issues
  • Seasonal Traffic Issues

$99 Penalty Assessment

The first step to getting you back on track is identifying the problem. Once our team has run a Google penalty audit and identified the problem we will lay out the recovery steps. Recovering from an algorithm update is much different than recovering from a manual penalty. Significant drops in traffic can be from a number of reasons even competitors that are attempting to sabotage your website by sending poor quality links or, duplicating your content.

What we do for you:

  • We will give you a detailed report outlining the reasons for your traffic drop
  • We will outline which algorithm or manual penalties are affecting your website if any
  • We will provide the step-by-step process that needs to be followed for recovery
  • We will outline the steps to gain back last traffic after recovering